Financial planning aligned for your future

At Coherent, our goal is to provide education and wisdom so you can make your best informed financial decisions. Financial planning is a process to harmonize unique individual, family and business goals to help you achieve financial efficiency. This process lasts a lifetime and perhaps beyond when considering legacy wishes.

A customized financial plan helps you enjoy life now, while preparing for financial independence.

Comprehensive financial planning should be more than adding up investable assets to determine portfolio value and then offering “investment solutions”. It begins with a collaborative conversation to identify your goals, and to help you uncover areas of strength and uncover areas to improve upon.

Getting started – What’s important to you?

View Video: Financial Planning Introduction

The first step is to understand what’s important to you and those you love. Once we understand your priorities, then we begin a gap analysis to determine what’s working and what can be improved:

  • Income and expense analysis, assets versus liabilities, best use of your “human capital”
  • Risk management, cash reserves, appropriate insurance coverage
  • Investment analysis, portfolio design, implementation and monitoring
  • Gain/loss harvesting, account funding & withdrawal hierarchy, Roth conversions
  • Tax strategies, estate and legacy planning

The next step involves working in a partnership in designing a comprehensive and integrated strategy. What are acceptable trade-offs considering the time, resources, available? Financial planning provides proper perspective and insight, and establishes realistic expectations for financial success – as you define it.

Putting your plan into action

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Now it’s time to put the plan into action! This may involve opening, transferring or consolidating accounts. It may also include recommendations for trades to rebalance accounts, taking into consideration tax implications and cost efficiencies rather than simply making “wholesale changes”. The plan will help you enjoy life now, while working towards financial efficiency and preparing for financial independence.

Finally, reviewing progress towards your goals is the ultimate determinant of a successful relationship. Financial planning is a living, breathing process, and not generating a thick financial plan that sits on a shelf somewhere. Our process involves mutual accountability between your financial planner, investment manager and you. It also includes the flexibility to change the prescribed course of action to stay on track.

Tying it all together

We often find that life has a way of getting in the way of the best designed plans. If you have the financial foundation in place, then the temporary downs can become an opportunity rather than a reason to panic. Comprehensive financial planning becomes your best friend during the inevitable times of stress.

At Coherent, we are privileged to work with people who seek professional guidance for themselves, those they love, and for the causes that make life better within our communities.

Let us know how we can help you!


We look forward to discussing your unique financial goals and personal values!

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