Press Release: Adviser Offers Benefits Guidance Easing Open Enrollment Stress

October 17, 2016

Sargon Y. Zia, CFA

Chief Investment Officer, Portfolio Manager

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Press Release

Adviser Offers Benefits Guidance Easing Open Enrollment Stress

PEORIA, AZ – Oct 17, 2016 – In time for open enrollment season, Coherent Financial Advisers, LLC, an Arizona Registered Investment Adviser (RIA) offers its benefits guidance program for individuals and their families. Open enrollment can be a stressful time for making critical choices. Coherent’s fiduciary service offers personalized guidance through a collaborative partnership between experienced adviser and client.

Coherent’s benefits planning practice assists individuals and their families in taking full advantage of their employer sponsored benefits. Wading through all the available choices can be stressful, especially during October and November when open enrollment for company benefits typically takes place. Workplace benefits can be a significant component of compensation. Maximizing benefits can enhance the employee’s overall financial well-being.

How does one know whether they are maximizing their company benefits? Coherent’s Director of Financial Planning, Tom Pietrack, CFP®, answers this question in the article, Maximizing Benefits During Open Enrollment. For instance, Pietrack advises that to capture the entire company match, “Plan the timing and amount of your contributions so that you do not reach your maximum contribution allowed by law before you receive your full match.”

In addition, Coherent offers retirement plan guidance, empowering individuals in making informed decisions regarding contribution levels and investment choices in relation to their other investments. Through its employer stock program guidance, Coherent assists employees in maximizing the value of their employers’ offerings. Coherent also helps clients understand how their life insurance, disability insurance and health savings account benefits fit into their overall financial plans.

Coherent Financial Advisers, LLC, is a Registered Investment Adviser (RIA) co-founded by experienced financial professionals Thomas J. Pietrack, CFP®, and Sargon Y. Zia, CFA, to take care of people’s comprehensive financial needs without external impediments. Adhering to the higher fiduciary standard of care, Coherent provides comprehensive financial planning, investment management, and employer benefits planning guidance. More information is available through Coherent’s website at


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